Most people will just click on the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of your email or newsletter, but there are a few folks who will write back telling you to unsubscribe them.

In these cases, you have a choice to UNSUBSCRIBE them or make their subscription INACTIVE.

UNSUBSCRIBE = They will have to physically re-subscribe to the list if they decide later they want your communication.

INACTION = You can later just easily re-subscribe them to the subscription list if they want your communications in the future (this happens a lot).

We recommend you make them INACTIVE because it is a lot easier in the future. I also recommend if they have asked to be unsubscribed from one list (say email or newsletter email) just unsubscribe them from EMAILS and leave the TEXT. But this is your choice.

Here are a series of images showing you how to do this.

Go to the subscription list in question. Click on it to open it.

Once in the subscription list, search for the name. Checkmark the box to the left of their name. Click on "Actions" (which only shows up if you select a name). 

Choose "Edit List Status" by clicking on it.

Look and verify that you are on the correct subscription, by looking at the LIST NAME. Checkmark if you want to "Update Email Subscriptions" or "Update Text Message Subscriptions". We recommend that you just select the one they asked for.

Leave "Inactive" marked. 

Click on "Update Subscripion"

It will ask you to verify then you are finished.