Two Ways To Share Your

 Custom Bundles

On Your Essenty Website




If you are already using the MyYL "shopping cart"*** for creating custom product bundles, you'll be really happy to know that Essenty has created a dedicated page for you to showcase your favorite bundles (showcase as many as you like).


We know many of you don't want the MyYL "shopping cart"*** so you can create your favorite bundles (like a shopping list) and share them on this new page. We've even made it possible for you to add a link that takes your customer directly to YL to shop for the items and check out - oh, that ensures YOU get credit for the sale!

Feature Highlights

> Share a link DIRECTLY to one bundle on that page, even if it is the last bundle on the page!
> Change the wording on the button. (Label it however you see fit).
> Link easily to Young Living with your enroller and sponsor number embedded so you never lose credit for the sale.
> You can even use the page for a LinkTree (share links to your videos, classes, affiliate stuff, etc.)





Quick Directions


1. Go to your Essenty Backoffice and click on SETTINGS.

2. Select the WEBSITE tab.

3. Select the CUSTOM BUNDLES button.


It is self-explanatory on this page, but here is the breakdown.





PAGE TITLE: Give your new "bundles page" a fancy title - by doing this, it causes this page's title to show in your website's navigation, under SHOP, so you might consider keeping your title short.


DESCRIPTION: Write as much or as little about your bundles (or page) as you like. You might also decide to leave this blank - it's your choice.


PAGE IMAGE: You can give your page a featured image (shown at the top). Keep image quality in mind if you do this. Recommend a resolution of 2400px wide by 1200px tall.







BUNDLE NAME: Name your bundle.


DESCRIPTION: Describe your bundle. What does it help, why do you suggest it etc.  In this section, you can insert images and even links. We suggest you list each individual product in your bundle, and link to every item in your Essenty catalog, so visitors can learn all about your recommendations. But hey, this is your new page, and you're the boss - you can make it as you want.


ADD BUNDLE LINK: (option 1 or 2)

        OPTION 1: Now you insert your MyYL bundle link.

        OPTION 2: Add any link you want including your own YL link with your enroller and sponsor number embedded.


Not only can you share the entire page with someone, but you can also share a single bundle (link) on the page!

From your Bundles page just click on the titles of the bundles to be taken to that bundle's dedicated page. Then use the sharing options to share a link to that bundle.

Feel free to watch our recorded Zoom class from Aug 16, 2021

*** We refer to MyYL as a "shopping cart" because that is really all it is - and a nice one at that. A shopping cart is a place where you see all the products you're about to purchase. We call it a shopping cart because there is no detailed product info or education regarding YL there.