Broadcast TEXTING Released

You can now use the BROADCAST TEXT feature.

Even though we've tested it from many angles, sometimes the best testing is when a lot of folks test it - therefore it was decided we need more broadscale testing and, hopefully, feedback.

Right now it is ONLY the "broadcast" text message that is released for testing.



We Provide You With a FREE Local Phone Number!

  • You get a real phone number and only you will use it.
  • You will select your own number based on your choice of area codes.
  • Your messages won't look like spam to your contacts.
  • Your messages will feel personal because they are personal.
  • When you send one message to several people, it will arrive as a personal text, not a group text.

Recommended Prerequisites to Texting

We recommend that you understand how to set up your contacts within your Essenty backoffice before you start trying to send text messages. Here is a really short, mini-series of steps you take to easily set up your contacts, get them properly organized and ready to send emails or texts.

Please ensure you have done these steps first.

Using The Broadcast Texting Feature

First, you'll need to select your FREE text messaging number.

This short video shows you how to select a text number - and written directions are below.

Request a text messaging number on the Settings > Profile page (pick one in the area code of your preference).

How do I know if my customer's phone number is a cell phone or a landline? 
If you are uncertain about a phone number - you can go to and select "Reverse Lookup" and enter the phone number. It will tell you whether it is a cell phone or not.


What is a campaign? 

A campaign comes in two flavors - Broadcast and Series. A broadcast is a single message to an audience. A series is multiple messages scheduled to send to an audience (a subscription list).


What Is Meant By Marketing Credits?

Essenty is charged per email and per text that is sent. To make this service scaleable for teams of all sizes, we created a credit system that will debit your "bank of credits" as you send emails or texts. We call these credits "marketing credits." For details CLICK HERE.

Will I be able to add images to my text messages?

Absolutely! And emojis. 


What other things will I be able to do with the text platform?

Once basic texting is running smoothly, the rest of the marketing system will be completed. This includes drip emails & texts. 


How will I know if someone sends me a text reply to my outbound texts?

Replies will be found in your back office in the "Inbox" located in the left navigation (see the screenshot below). From there you will be able to text chat back & forth, just click on their name anytime you want to send them a new (one-off) message as well.