Emails and Texts Require Marketing Credits

➡      What Are "Marketing Credits"?

Essenty is charged per email and per text that is sent. To make this service scaleable for teams of all sizes, we created a credit system that will debit your "bank of credits" as you send emails or texts. We call these credits "marketing credits."


➡      How Many Credits Does An Account Get?

The $8 per month GROW WITH US plan gets 500 credits per month (plus 500 bonus credits the first month). So with this plan, your account gets 500 additional credits each month, and if you don't use them, they will "rollover", meaning they are available to you until you use them.


➡      How Are Credits Used?

The credits are used in your account like this:

  • Emails - use 1 credit each (unlimited free incoming emails, to your email address on file).
  • Texts - use 10 credits per outgoing text (with or without images)  - unlimited free incoming texts.

This means that for every email that you send from your account, it will use 1 credit from your "credits bank."

Then for every text message that you send, it will use 10 credits from your "credits bank." Text messaging is more costly across the board, and I'm so proud we were able to keep our pricing EXTREMELY competitive.

All incoming emails and texts are totally free!