Broadcast Email & Text Marketing 
(The texting feature has been released but is still in beta to see if any kinks need to be worked out.)

Here you will learn......

            - Why would you want email & text marketing?

            - What is the difference between broadcast and a series messages?

            - See examples of broadcast subscription lists.

            - See examples of series subscription lists.

            - What is the difference between inviting or just welcoming someone to your list?

            - How people unsubscribe

            - What are marketing credits

            - How many credits do accounts get?

            - How are credits used?

            - What if I need more credits, are they affordable?



One of the biggest reasons is that it is a great way to keep your team members and customers interested, buying & happy.

These days a lot of people are using text messaging, but in some cases, it just doesn't work for some of your marketing needs. 

For instance, Essenty offers pre-written email series (releasing Oct) that help your new premium starter kit customers. This is an amazing series of auto-sent emails where each email is focused on one of the products in the starter kit.

This is simply too much information to put in a text. However, wouldn't it cool to remind them (via text) that they have these emails coming in?

Essenty Has Two Types of EMAIL Marketing Campaigns

Broadcast Campaign

  • A broadcast campaign is a single marketing message, that is sent to subscribers of a particular broadcast subscription list. 

  • For Example: “August Free Products” might be a marketing message I send to my “Promos & Specials” subscribers list in August and “September Free Products” might be one I send in September. 

  • For Example: Multiple broadcast campaigns can be sent to members of a broadcast subscription list - meaning each marketing message you create is called a “campaign”.

Series Campaign

  • A series campaign is a pre-defined series of marketing messages that are pre-written and automatically sent in a specified order at pre-determined intervals. It is sent to subscribers of a particular series subscription list. 

  • For example, the 10 marketing messages that form my “Essential Oils: 101 Email Class” would be a series campaign that is sent out to those who subscribe to that series, either at your invitation or a signup form.

  • Or the 12 marketing messages that form my “Healthy Home Ditch & Switch” would be a series campaign that is sent out to those who subscribe to that series, again either at your invitation or a signup form.

  • Series campaigns are sometimes called drip campaigns. They are always pre-written and automatically sent in a specified order at pre-determined intervals.

Marketing Messages can be emails or texts.

Examples of Broadcast Subscription Lists

Soon you will also be able to create Signup forms for all your lists!

Essential Oils News

Description: Get periodic product news, tips & education. A great resource for everyone. 

Business Builder News

Description: Receive periodic news & education for building your Young Living business.

DIY Ideas & Healthy Recipes

Description: Get exclusive DIY ideas and healthy recipes.

Events & Classes

Description: Stay up-to-date on important upcoming events & classes.

Non-Toxic Alternatives: 

Description: Get exclusive information for handy & effective non-toxic alternatives for your home and family.

Weekly Tips

Description: Get a handy tip each week for using your oils and other products. A great way to get more value from your products!

Sales & Promos

Description: Never miss a Young Living promotion. I will send you the promotion information as soon as I know about it, including the Monthly promo information.

Monthly Newsletter

Description: A monthly newsletter packed full of great ideas, information, tips & tricks, and product education.

  • Coming soon, Essenty will provide you with this as a pre-written option to send!

Examples of Series Subscription Lists

You will also be able to create Signup forms for all your series lists!

The Series Campaign feature will be released after the Email and the Text Broadcasts Campaigns are fully released.

  • Welcome to My Young Living Team Series
  • Using Your Essential Oils PSK Series (Comes with “Grow With Us” Plan, Pre-written).
  • Using Your Thieves PSK Series (Comes with “Grow With Us” Plan, Pre-written).
  • Using Your NingXia Red PSK Series
  • Using Your CBD PSK Series
  • Essential Oils: 101 Class Series
  • Steps To Set Up Your Business Series
  • Weekly Business Challenges Series
  • Healthy Home Ditch & Switch Series
  • Healthy Kids Ditch & Switch Series

Remember, a series campaign is a pre-defined series of marketing messages that are pre-written and automatically sent in a specified order at pre-determined intervals. It is sent to subscribers of a particular series subscription list.


  • People receiving information from you can UNSUBSCRIBE at any time from a subscription list (broadcast or series).
  • If they unsubscribe from one list, they would still be subscribed to your other list(s).
  • If they unsubscribe from all your lists, you can still invite them to future lists.

Your contacts can be subscribed to as many Broadcast or Series subscription lists as they would like to be, either by invitation or lead capture!  (lead capture forms - known as signup forms - coming soon)

SPAM Safety Precautions To Protect You

In order that Essenty’s email & text delivery systems works well into the future for everyone, we have to ensure that it’s not abused by anyone using it to spam - either to prospect leads or customers.

When others start spamming (meaning getting a large number of complaints of spam) it affects your email deliveries as well - so Essenty has installed some safety precautions to protect you.

Spamming hurts everyone!

Opt-In Subscription Lists

When adding your contacts to a list you can choose to . . .

  • WELCOME them to the list - This means you add them to the list without asking. Then once you confirm you want them added, an email is sent them immediately letting them know they have been added and offers them a way to decline and unsubscribe.

  • INVITE them to subscribe - This means you're asking them to subscribe. Once you confirm that you want to invite them to subscribe, an email is sent them immediately, inviting them to subscribe.

And we also know some of you might already have them on another list and you are just transferring them over . . . in this case, please contact us.

 This system is releasing one section at a time.

1. Broadcast Email Campaigns --- AVAILABLE NOW

2. Broadcast Text Campaigns --- AVAILABLE in BETA NOW

3. Series Email Campaigns

4. Series Text Campaigns

Emails and Texts Require Marketing Credits

❇️ What Are "Marketing Credits"? ❇

Essenty has recently built the emailing & texting capability into your marketing platform!

Essenty is charged per email and per text that is sent. To make this service scaleable for teams of all sizes, we created a credit system that will debit your "bank of credits" as you send emails or texts. We call these credits "marketing credits."


➡️ How Many Credits Does An Account Get?

The $8 per month GROW WITH US plan gets 500 credits per month (plus 500 bonus credits the first month). So with this plan, your account gets 500 additional credits each month, and if you don't use them, they will "rollover", meaning they are available to you until you use them.


➡️ How Are Credits Used?

The credits are used in your account like this:

  • Emails - use 1 credit each (unlimited free incoming emails, to your email address on file).
  • Texts - use 10 credits per outgoing text (with or without images)  - unlimited free incoming texts.

This means that for every email that you send from your account, it will use 1 credit from your "credits bank."

Then for every text message that you send, it will use 10 credits from your "credits bank." Text messaging is more costly across the board, and I'm so proud we were able to keep our pricing EXTREMELY competitive.

All incoming emails and texts are totally free!


➡️ What If I Need More Credits?

No problem!

You are able to add 5,000 more credits to your account for $10 anytime you need more. And if you're using that many - it is a good thing, since it means you have a large team!


  • Imagine that you have a GETTING STARTED CHECKLIST for your new business builders. You can set up a series of emails that give them the information a little bit at a time, and it automatically sends them the next email in your preset time frame. 

  • Imagine that you want to offer site visitors to subscribe to your email series on a CLEANSING PROGRAM.

  • Imagine that you want to provide an ESSENTIAL OILS BASIC TRAINING series and allow folks to subscribe to that sequence from your website.

  • Imagine Young Living has just released something super awesome and you want to get an email out to ALL of your team or customers. You can send a broadcast email out to everyone at once and even shoot them a quick text to check for your email.

  • There are immeasurable ways to use email marketing! But keep in mind, it is simply a great way to stay in touch with your customers, prospects and business builders.

Essenty will always LISTEN to your needs!


Training is important and you can rest assured that we provide top-notch training for using this system and keep the instructions as easy as possible. We take someone who knows nothing about this and teach them to do it! Everything about Essenty is created with the goal to be easy to use.