Your Essenty website has a DREAM catalog!

  • It is ultra searchable, even by product number, and filtering by categories is wonderful.
  • It is your own custom catalog on your website.
  • Sharing an individual product, links back to your own site.
  • The navigation bar shows a dynamic search for your entire site.

  • It is kept up-to-date, within hours.
  • Products mentioned within your pages link back to the catalog for more info. 
  • Descriptions are 100% compliant because all the wording is from YL.
  • It has compliant suggested uses.

  • It shows "related products". (COMING SOON)
  • It shows related site pages so a customer can learn more. 
  • It shows all the ingredients (where applicable).
  • Shows the product number.

  • Shows the pricing (regular price & discounted price).
  • Many products have the YL "Product Information Page" (PIPs). 
  • Share links available for full categories of products.
  • Each product page is linkable & shareable to all social media, text, and emails.


You're talking to someone and you realize that they could really benefit from peppermint essential oil. You talk to them about it how they might like it.

You don't want them running to Walmart for it.

You give them your business card and tell them to visit your site and do a search for "peppermint" before they make any buying decisions.

They go to your site, enter "peppermint" in the dynamic search bar and miracles happen!!


They get search results that show them:

  • The peppermint essential oils.
  • A listing of all products that contain peppermint.
  • A listing of all articles on your site that mention peppermint (including the PSK)
  • A listing of all your blog articles where peppermint is discussed!


  • From your website's navigation link, click on SHOP. 
  • You will see PRODUCT CATALOG and boom, you are on your way. 
  • From a mobile device, it might be on the menu, under SHOP.

If you don't have an account, you can use Essenty's demo account to look. Just click here and follow the above instructions. 


It is very important to keep that site visitor fully contained within your website - hopefully until they decide they want to become a member or customer or purchase retail.

Your catalog will NEVER send them out of your website and into YL's big corporate website, except when they are clicking to order. In other words, they view all product information right from your site because taking them out of your site to see products is a very confusing experience for a brand new person.

When your site visitor gets confused (by being whisked away to another website) they generally just click out and don't come back. This BRAND new person has no idea what is happening and they also get the idea this is some MLM company.

That is not the experience you want your site visitors to have. 

Thankfully with Essenty - you have a fantastic tool that you can link people to see certain products and when they come to see them, they get to learn more about quality and YL. This is more valuable than you might think. 

Take a Look:

You can see this catalog either on your own website or from this demo website.