Pre-Written Newsletters by Essenty

You've probably experienced the pain of creating content - plus the effort to do it consistently can be intimidating. Essenty can take some of that stress away! Each month we make new content available for you to send and one of those items is a pre-written newsletter, designed to create interaction with the recipient. And it's part of every Essenty plan!

Sending a professionally written monthly newsletter that Essenty has created for you is as easy as making a few clicks.


The pre-written newsletter is an integral part of our monthly Pre-Written Content Bundle that goes with the 4 STEPS TO SUCCESS action plan, but you can use it as you desire.

  • Essenty writes one compliant, interesting, and informative newsletter per month for you! (though you can write as many as you want.)
  • You might choose to create a specialized subscription list for this newsletter and connect a signup form so people can subscribe to it.
  • You have full control over it (when it sends and who receives it).
  • You are able to edit any of it or just leave it as we created it.
  • Psssst - you could also text those same folks to let them know the newsletter was just emailed! I bet your "open rate" will explode!


An emailed newsletter serves as both a "retention tool" and a "fishing pole"!

  • Reaching out via email once a month to your contacts doesn't always sound like a hard thing to do. However, actually doing it each month can eventually get burdensome. Every month, Essenty will write a newsletter for you.

  • For your customers and business builders - it serves as an educational "customer retention" tool. Meaning it educates them a tad and introduces new products & uses. Generally, this serves to keep them interested in Young Living products.

  • For your prospects - it serves as a fishing pole! Meaning you keep sending them newsletters, you could soon reel them in as a customer! Perfect, right?

  • You don't have to worry about what to say or most importantly if it is compliant.

  • It is a wonderful way to increase interest in other YL products as they get highlighted in your newsletter.

To learn how to use the Pre-Written newsletter feature, please visit our Tutorials Section.