These days a lot of people are using text messaging, and it is rare that a recipient will miss a text. For instance, emails get missed because they go to spam or other inbox folders or even just because the recipient's email provider blocked it.

  • Text messaging allows you to quickly reach more customers & business builders while maintaining a personal connection that is always important in "relationship marketing". 
  • Texting allows you to reach thousands of contacts at once with mass alerts and notifications. 
  • Texting is the easiest & fastest way to get the word out quickly.
  • Texting allows you to send a bulk text to everyone in your filtered contacts, which means one single message to everyone - PRIVATELY.


Right now, only basic broadcast texting has been released for beta testing. This means that we have released this basic version for large scale testing in order that any bugs can be easily isolated and fixed.

All the robust features that you would expect are planned, but each part of this system is expected to roll out one major function at a time. 

This will allow Essenty to get feedback and user experience on the foundational operations of sending text messages and processing replies and recipient activity - before additional features are added.


  • You have a real phone number - FREE!
  • You pick your own phone number based on area code.
  • Your messages won't look like spam to your contacts.
  • Your messages will feel personal because it is personal.
  • When you send one message to several people, it will arrive as a personal text, not a bulk one.
  • You can create unlimited broadcast text campaigns



Good question and the answer is YES, but not in the first release. Once the texting platform is released Essenty will not stop until it has the functions that our customers need. So you can expect it will evolve as it gets upgrades.


A campaign comes in two flavors - Broadcast and Series. A broadcast is a single message to an audience. Please click this link to learn more about this and the upcoming series campaigns, which are multiple messages scheduled to send to an audience.

YES, this whole system is part of the GROW WITH US plan. However, the Grow With Us plan is going away in a matter of days and it will soon not be available for new customers going forward. Anyone who has it now will keep their plan & pricing.

Emails and Texts Require
Marketing Credits

➡ What Are "Marketing Credits"? 

Essenty has recently built the emailing & texting capability into your marketing platform!

Essenty is charged per email and per text that is sent. To make this service scaleable for teams of all sizes, we created a credit system that will debit your "bank of credits" as you send emails or texts. We call these credits "marketing credits."


➡ How Many Credits Does An Account Get?

The $8 per month GROW WITH US plan gets 500 credits per month (plus 500 bonus credits the first month). So with this plan, your account gets 500 additional credits each month, and if you don't use them, they will "rollover", meaning they are available to you until you use them.


➡ How Are Credits Used?

The credits are used in your account like this:

  • Emails - use 1 credit each (unlimited free incoming emails, to your email address on file).
  • Texts - use 10 credits per outgoing text (with or without images)  - unlimited free incoming texts.

This means that for every email that you send from your account, it will use 1 credit from your "credits bank."

Then for every text message that you send, it will use 10 credits from your "credits bank." Text messaging is more costly across the board, and I'm so proud we were able to keep our pricing EXTREMELY competitive.

All incoming emails and texts are totally free!


➡ What If I Need More Credits?

No problem!

You are able to add 5,000 more credits to your account for $10 anytime you need more. And if you're using that many - it is a good thing, since it means you have a large team!


  • Imagine that you have a GETTING STARTED CHECKLIST for your new business builders. You can set up a series of texts (series coming soon) that give them the information a little bit at a time, and it automatically sends them the next text in your preset time frame. 

  • Imagine Young Living has just released something super awesome and you want to get a text out to ALL of your team or customers. You can send a broadcast text out to everyone at once, perhaps telling them you sent details in an email.

  • There are immeasurable ways to use email & text marketing!  It is a great way to stay in touch with your customers, prospects, and business builders.

Essenty will always LISTEN to your needs so be sure to give us feedback about the features you'd like to have in your texting platform!