Yes, Absolutely!

A very robust contact manager! 

Keep all your leads (prospects), customers, and brand partners in one handy spot and stay in touch with them right from your Backoffice.

  • Add unlimited contacts
  • Import your Virtual Office contacts & keep them synced periodically.
  • Categorize your contacts by Prospect (Lead), Customer, Brand Partner, Professional Account, or Support Team
  • Organize them further with tags that further identify them, such as, "John's Leg", "Pets & Animals", "Healthy Home", "Thieves Kit" etc. Unlimited tags per contact.
  • Add info, like their birthday, favorite things.
  • Note whether they are on Subscribe to Save or not.
  • Rate the contact as far as "interest level" on a scale of 1-5.
  • Add a star to key contacts.
  • Keep notes of anything you want to remember.
  • Visitors' contact info is recorded to your Contact Manager when they comment on your blog posts, product pages, etc.
  • And so much more!

SCREENSHOT OF A LIST VIEW (you choose what columns show)


Parts of the Contact Manager that are still in development:

  • Activity Logging
  • Alerts & Birthday Notifications
  • Reminders
  • And more...


Your Contact Manager is a fabulous tool that connects you to several ways for staying better connected with your team and customers, which will help you expand and grow.

                        Broadcast Emails

                        Series Emails, Drip Emails & Texts

                        Broadcast Text Messages

                        Series, Drip Text Messages 

Additional usage integrations are being developed and released, in phases.  Once all the basic functions are working well, we will begin adding additional functionality (we call it “bells & whistles”). It will end up being one of the greatest marketing tools in your Essenty marketing platform. 

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