How to CREATE and ADD LINKS to your Blog!

Including your personal link to your YL sign up page.

  • This video shows you how to create links to other pages in your Essenty blog. 


1. Link to another page in your website 

2. Link to a particular product in your product catalog

3. Link to Young Living's sign up page (with your ID attached) We recommend that you never link out of your website unless it is to the YL sign up page. This is because the visitor can be distracted and fail to return. 

This video goes over: 

1. How to create a link in your blog post. 

2. How to add a link to a photo. 

3. How to unlink something previously linked. 

4. How to create a link that sends your visitor to YL's sign up page with your number pre-filled. 

Linking Your Personal Signup Link In Your Blog

As promised, here is the link you embed when you want to send from your site to YL's sign up page and ensure your ID is embedded.

Just copy and paste this link in when you want it to go to YL's sign up page.