How to Add videos to your Blog and a special trick!

This short video shows you how to add a YouTube or Vimeo video to your blog articles in your Essenty platform. When you add a video in a blog, it plays right on your page and doesn't take them away from your article or website.

I will also show you a super nice trick that you can do to control the famous "suggested videos" at the end of your embedded video. 

This video goes over: 

  • How to find good YouTube videos to share. 
  • How to embed it into your blog article. 
  • How to add a tiny piece of information to it, so that it only suggested more videos from the channel it is playing from!

This is good news because if you don't put this code in, YouTube will suggest all types of "similar" videos to the viewer (at the end) and some of those may be things you would never want your visitor to see, such as videos from a competitor oil company!