Here is how you can find your Essenty website address.

When you registered with Essenty, you went through a screen where you created your website address. Sometimes this step goes unnoticed.

So if you created an account and don't know what the link or website address is that you will share with others, here is how to find it.

1. Login to your back office by going to and clicking on "Login" (at the top right from a computer or on the menu on a mobile device).

2. Look over to the left column, for the words "VIEW MY SITE". Click to see a popup.

3. Once that popup opens (see image below), you will be able to see your website address (write this down and memorize it you can CHANGE IT FOLLOWING THESE DIRECTIONS.

a) You can choose to copy the link to send to someone (click on "Copy")

b) You can view your website by clicking on the blue words, "View My Site"

c) You can share your website using the share buttons.