Can I change the looks of my Essenty website?

- Can I change fonts?

- Can I change font colors?

- Can I change the layout?

- Can I change the images on the site?

- Can I put my own logo on the site?

YES PARTLY - Right now we offer the ability to change the big image that you first see, at the top of your home page. This makes it possible to have an image you like better or even your logo!

In the near future, the "Advanced Customizations" will be rolled out! This will give advanced users a lot of flexibility with their website.

Such things as:

1. You'll be able to select which FEATURED PRODUCTS you want to show on your website and which ones you don't want showing.

2. You'll have beautiful color themes to choose from - to help match your branding.

3. You'll be able to choose from a couple of different layouts.

4. and MUCH more!!