You have the option to change your Essenty marketing website's Home Page featured image. This is the big image found on the top of your marketing website's home page.

This is an ADVANCED TOOL and if you follow these directions very carefully (especially for cropping a high-quality image down) then the image will look really good. 

You may choose to use an image we've provided instead of creating your own, see below.

This video shows you how - and the written directions are below


1. The image you choose needs to be a high-resolution photo that you can CROP DOWN (or slightly up) to 2400 wide by 1200 tall. Video shows how to crop it perfectly.

2. The above-outlined crop size is important so that your image will resize for different devices and screen sizes.

3. You are responsible for only using images that you either own the copyrights to (meaning you created it) or it is a "free source" image that you have the authorization to use. For example, you can get free stock images on PicMonkey, FreePik, and other sources including paid sites, like AdobeStock. However, Google images are usually copyrighted.

4. If your image is too small, when you try to make it 2400 wide or 1200 tall it will distort the image badly and will look bad on your site. So you are best to reduce it to that size when resizing or cropping.

5. This image location is a DYNAMIC image that resizes for all screen sizes. This means if you use it to put writing on an image, then you should center that writing (vertically) and ensure it looks right on a computer.

Once your image is cropped to size, you're ready to upload it.

You can choose from some of the background images we have available for you CLICK HERE


1. Login to your Essenty back office.
2. Click on SETTINGS
3. Click on MY WEBSITE

a) You'll see the default image that we have on your website. If you hover over the image you can select to "UPDATE IMAGE". Click on those words.

b) The image gallery opens, then you click on the green NEW IMAGE button.

c) Locate and upload your prepared image.

d) Once it uploads, select it by hovering over it and click INSERT.

Your background is immediately changed for you.

NOTE: You might want to remove the preset wording that is on the image when you first get your site. You will see those toggles right below the image changer. Here are directions for removing the text and/or buttons on the image.